Monday, February 28, 2005

(vamps till ready)

Okay this is going to be sort of a punt this morning.  I had way too much weekend for me to be able to do it justice here and now, so instead I’ll just mention that we finished oiling our new ranma.  I personally think it looks great and it relaxes me, so I’m going to keep it around today in blog form.  Tonight I go to GAMH to see a fun concert with good friends; it will be a party the likes of which I haven’t seen on a Monday night in a dog’s age, assuming a reasonably well-aged dog.  So I’m psyched and I’ve had a good time, but god knows when I’ll have a chance to fill you in on the details.  I’ll try to write it up on the bus today while it’s still as fresh as the durian currently stanking up my fridge.  But as a photo-teaser, try to guess what’s happening: here!

See you tomorrow, maybe with another phone-it-in post that isn’t worth your paltry subscription fee.  I mean....

... hey…

that's just the way it seemed to me at 09:18 AM

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